The unmatched culinary inter-relation of flavors within the Indian and Middle Eastern gastronomy no doubt displays a startling resemblance. Not only does India’s inter-cultural practices of sharing food together but also its penchant for garnishes and food accompaniments exude homogeneity with the Middle Eastern practices.

It is with this idea of cultural resemblance, that ADF Foods had launched the ‘Aeroplane’ brand of pickles in the year 1960. In the same year we started exporting Aeroplane to UK, USA and other GCC Countries. Today, Aeroplane is a premium brand among popular range of pickles marketed globally primarily in the Middle East.

The wide range of fresh-packed Aeroplane pickles are the most preferred amongst the competitive landscape of Arabs. With our state-of-art handling techniques and finest handpicked ingredients, Aeroplane offers variety of Chutneys, Curry Powders, Pickles, Tamarind pastes for the food connoisseurs away from home.






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